We led a hugely successful influencer and PR campaign
Name Bomber Crew
Developer Runner Duck
Publisher Curve Games

Working alongside Curve and Runner Duck, a new studio on their first release, we led a hugely successful influencer and PR campaign for Bomber Crew’s PC launch, which saw us smash one million sales in just two weeks!

After conducting an extensive creator research project through which we sought creators who had played similar titles in the past, Bomber Crew clocked up 1,000 individual broadcasters between its November launch and the end of that year alone, including streams by fan-favourite creators like LIRIK, BaronVonGames, EnterElysium, Blitz, and The Yogscast.

By the time our PR campaign had taken on the Xbox and PS4 releases, we’d secured over 700 media articles about Bomber Crew, including positive reviews at IGN, Multiplayer.it, NintendoLife, and GamesReactor.