Hello, we’re NeonHive.

A boutique PR & Marketing agency who specialise in videogames.

From PlayStation to PC, Xbox to Switch, we love games as much as you. So there’s no better team to help make yours a success.

We’ll plug in with your developers, learn your title top to bottom, and create a campaign that shows the world just what makes it great.

What we do

Need marketing? We’ll get you seen.

From shaping the strategy to rolling out the ads, we’ll make sure you grab the right people in the right places. It’s not one size fits all. Your marketing campaign will be as unique as your title.

Need branding? We’ll give you an identity.

Knowing how bestsellers look and sound, we learn exactly what makes your audience tick – bringing it all together to create compelling visuals and messaging that fit your game to a tee.

Need PR? We’ll get you talked about.

Reaching the heart of the gaming community is the crux of a successful launch. Thanks to our portfolio of industry influencers and PR contacts, we’ll get you plugged by those who matter most.

Our team

  • Korina

    Founder Korina has been working and winning awards in the games industry for over a decade. With some of the world’s biggest publishers under her belt – including Bethesda, Ubisoft and Square Enix – she’s covered the whole marketing mix, from community and PR to media and brand management. Her mission is to match-make developers and publishers with new players, removing the stress from launching a game.

    In 2019 Korina was included in Gameindustry.biz' list of the 100 most influential women in the UK games industry.

  • Geo

    From multi-million selling indie gems to box releases, George has had a hand in over 30 product releases from Curve Digital, Sold Out and Sega. Following trends, understanding markets, handling strategic marketing or just having a chat and a coffee, there's no better hands for your title to be in.

  • Matt

    With a background in managing indie studios and publishers exhibiting at EGX and MCM Comic Con, Matt has experience handling communication effectively and in a diligent nature. With contacts across the industry, your title will be put in front of all the right people.