UK Influencer Campaign
Developer KRAFTON, INC
Publisher KRAFTON, INC

With millions of copies sold and now free-to-play on all platforms, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS is a titan of gaming. KRAFTON approached us to create and manage a UK influencer campaign to drive awareness of the battle royale’s new map, TAEGO.

Because of PUBG’s enduring appeal and time on the market, our first job was to identify how to re-engage gaming media and entice lapsed players back to take on the new map.

Targeting specific influencers, we designed, managed, distributed, and promoted a branded PUBG goodie box and worked alongside KRAFTON and Wraith to design a bespoke – and highly memorable – Korean pancake-flavoured energy drink. Fully branded with PUBG assets, the boxes reached over 3.8m users across this campaign, appearing on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Working alongside KRAFTON, INC on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS was an honor and a privilege.

We partnered up with Xbox UK to give away a Maxnomic gaming chair, a competition that also ran across Xbox’s hugely influential social media channels and generated over 3,000 entries.