4 Months English Speaking PR for Full-Release of Gloomhaven on Steam
Name Gloomhaven
Developer Flaming Fowl Studios
Publisher Asmodee Digital

Jumping in just a month before launch, we hit the ground running. With two years’ worth of early access, our first job was to analyse prior coverage. What media outlets would Gloomhaven appeal to?

Our carefully coordinated initial announcement secured 27 articles in the run up to launch, and then a further 14 news and post-launch stories followed. We secured 27 positive reviews, including Polygon, PC Gamer, and Rock Paper Shotgun, which honoured Gloomhaven as its Bestest Bests title.

For pitching Gloomhaven after early access, our focus was highlighting the newest features, and leveraging the prestige of the critically-acclaimed board game. We successfully pitched to Polygon that “board games heavily influenced some of 2021’s best video games”.