6 Months PR for the release of Mechajammer on Steam
Name Mechajammer
Developer Whalenought Studios
Publisher Modern Wolf

Tasked with enacting Gamescom 2021 preview and demo coverage for Mechajammer, we kicked off by researching prior coverage during the project’s Kickstarter and previous demos. We secured five interviews and preview coverage pieces with NME, TheGamer, and ThumbCulture, making Mechajammer one of Modern Wolf’s most anticipated titles of 2021.

Following the release date announcement at The MIX in November, we secured an additional 23 pieces of coverage leading up to launch, and a further 40 news pieces – including five roundup pieces – post-launch.

We secured 18 reviews and ensured follow-up reporting praised Mechajammer’s post-launch improvements thanks to paid and organic content creators streaming the game live. In one week, we clocked up 10,300 livestream viewers, on top of 2.7 million views via organic Twitch streams and a potential 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube.