Marketing and Brand Consultation, Product Management, Business Development
Name Beyond a Steel Sky
Developer Revolution Software
Publisher Revolution Software

We’ve been a part of Revolution Software since Beyond a Steel Sky was revealed way back in 2019, acting as a full service project management team. This work includes project management of all marketing activities, including the strategic marketing plan for Beyond a Steel Sky from launch and beyond.

Our agile, flexible partnership means we have a hand in loads of activities, including store page management and optimisation, event management, advertisement plan, and project budgeting. We work closely with the studio’s own community manager, helping set and grow the company’s community management approach.

Revolution have continued to be a wonderful client who not only are forward thinking with what they're creating, but also extremely flexible when it comes to any ideas or input. A true treasure of the games industry.

We support Revolution by identifying and managing business development opportunities and facilitated bringing their legacy titles to new platforms, too. That’s on top of providing full store page creation for additional ad-hoc projects and sales across all platforms, as well as setting up the team’s rebranded website and all-new merch store.