Marketing Consultation, Paid Ad Campaign, Publisher Advising
Name Clone Drone In The Danger Zone
Developer Doborog Games
Publisher Doborog Games

Hugely successful in its early access (EA) period, Clone Drone In The Danger Zone approached us when they were looking to leave EA and launch on consoles. After conducting a robust investigation into the game’s competitors, we examined the current audience and market placement, then explored how we could attract new players whilst retaining present ones.

Doborog Games are an incredibly fun client to work with. Always open to ideas, always open to trying something new just to see how it works out, and always happy to pivot to find the best case scenario for any given situation.

Working alongside the studio’s own PR team, we identified relevant content creators and devised a targeted advertisement campaign. This involved helping match Doborog with the perfect publishing partner to distribute Clone Drone in the Danger Zone in Asia, for which we assisted in redesigning key art and creating a suite of assets to help broaden the game’s appeal in new, international territories.