PR announcements and investment pitch
Name Dead End Job
Developer Ant Workshop
Publisher Headup

We were brought in by Ant Workshop from the very early prototype stages to develop the game’s market positioning. As well as managing the initial PR announcements, we assisted Ant Workshop in devising its investment pitch, which helped the team secure funding from the UK Games Fund in 2018.

Initially we focused on the creation of a global marketing plan that would act as a cornerstone for the whole campaign. This included a route-to-market document in which we identified the core marketing platforms, key brand pillars, audience size, and the customer journey, which went on to inform our initial marketing budget and roadmap. This plan included a full timeline, the key communication pillars, a full SWOT analysis, and audience profiling.

As part of the project, we were tasked with coming up with straplines and positioning text for Dead End Job to use across PR, store pages, and other external channels and, for the PC announcement, we negotiated an exclusive with Eurogamer ahead of EGX Rezzed.