Mad Streets Xbox Launch: Marketing, PR, Influencer and Community Management Campaign
Name Mad Streets
Developer Craftshop Arts Inc
Publisher Craftshop Arts Inc

Mad Streets was released as an Xbox exclusive in August 2021, and we were there to provide a full-service launch campaign.

Over six months, we completed a full scale analysis of the game itself, competitors, pricing, and the release landscape for the studio’s preferred launch date. The data gathered by this analysis enabled us to create a bespoke strategic campaign timeline that plotted out all major campaign beats and kept the community engaged.

Over 12 brutal rounds of combat, it was Sting that reigned supreme in the character knock-out!

For PC, we implemented full Steam page optimisation and produced a number of Steam announcements to boost wishlists and interest. We managed a promotional live stream in tandem with the Steam Next Fest to announce the PC release date for which we secured a host, moderated the chat, and created the necessary assets.