Six Month PR Campaign
Name Witch Strandings
Developer Strange Scaffold
Publisher Modern Wolf

We kicked off Witch Strandings’s PR & influencer campaign by securing an article for developer Xalavier Nelson Jr on VGC, a feature that reached 2.8m UMVs. Boosting brand awareness, we generated 33 additional news articles between the game’s initial announcement and its launch a month later.

This led to 18 reviews for Witch Strandings, as well as bespoke articles such as TheGamer’s “Death Stranding is No Longer the Only Strand Game” feature.

We planned an influencer campaign that would allow us to showcase how the control scheme impacted on the narrative experience. Our campaign saw 5900 hours viewed on Twitch, and YouTube videos reached a combined total of 1m viewers courtesy of our partnership with variety streamer STPeach, who secured 63,000 views in less than 24 hours.